Praděd Herb liqueur

Praděd, herb liqueur with a history dating back to 1877


Praděd is a golden-coloured herb liqueur with a sweet and slightly bitter taste and a harmonious bouquet. Produced by the maceration of 16 types of herbs and fruits in an ethyl alcohol solution. The production process is finished with six-month aging in oak barrels, which highlights the herbal character.


The history of this liqueur dates back to 1877, when its production was begun by Krnov liqueur producer, Siegfried Gessler. The liqueur enjoyed major success, and not only in Austria-Hungary. During the 20th century the family lost the distillery, which was later incorporated into a state-run enterprise. It went bankrupt in the 90s. In 2005 RUDOLF JELÍNEK bought the trademarks and production of Praděd was renewed.


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