Pear brandy

Pear brandy from Jelínek


Pear brandy is a clear fruit distillate thats origins are evident from its aroma. It has a  pleasantly delicate, fruity flavour with a distinctive aftertaste especially appreciated by the ladies. Although it is one of the traditional distillates, it is only now gaining attention in the Czech Republic. Pear distillates are typical and very popular especially to the west of our borders, but we believe that after tasting, you too will become enthusiastic about its delicate fruity flavour.


Due to the availability of pears being necessary as raw materials for the production of this distillate, we decided to build a factory in Chile, South America, which, because of its suitable climate is one of the world's largest growers of pears. We shipped our technology to this distant land, where under the supervision of Vizovice master distillers, traditional pear brandy arises for you from our three-stage distillation process.


The distillate undergoes aging in stainless steel vats, where a harmonisation of aroma and flavour, and "rounding" of the distillate takes place. The distillate is then shipped in the vats to Vizovice where final aging and bottling occurs. Coincidentally, the path the vats of distillate take through the ocean have a very positive effect on its quality because the rocking of the ship at sea mixes the distillate so the aroma and flavour become beautifully blended.


We recommend consuming pear brandy slightly chilled, since this distillate of summer fruit develops its full aroma and flavour at a lower temperature than slivovitz.


An excellent combination is known as the “pear ritual“, where pear compote is served on a toothpick in a glass of genuine Jelínek pear brandy.


In addition to pear brandy, other fruit distillates can be found in our offer, such as apple brandy, apricot brandy, and also cherry brandy.

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