Jubilee slivovitz

Jubilee vintage slivovitz 1999 - 2008


Jubilee vintage slivovitz is a special series, which consists of the years 1999 through 2008. Each vintage is comprised of a distillate from the given year. The properties of the plums influenced by the weather during ripening are reflected. The distillate is not blended with other distillates from the given year and therefore retains the uniqueness of its vintage. It is therefore a slivovitz, which defines the character of the year and is suitable for archiving.


This fruit distillate has been prepared using traditional recipes that have been honoured in Vizovice for more than one hundred years. It is a tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation, which, when combined with modern technology guarantees the highest quality Jelinek Slivovitz. It arises from the distillation of ripe plum mash, which also contains the pits, which gives the resulting drink a sweet almond aroma, but does not overpower its fruity character. Before bottling it is aged for a little longer to achieve "roundness". 


To achieve a fully developed aroma and flavour of the distillate, we recommend consuming at a temperature consistent with its surroundings.


In addition to this vintage series we have prepared other specialties, such as limited edition Vizovice slivovitz or our series of kosher distillates, in which you can find silver kosher slivovitz and gold kosher slivovitz five year-old.

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